Shared Experience

Making a Call/Shared Experience

Cannot Connect to a Family Room Member

  • Are you ready? Let’s make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Remember, Wi-Fi is best to ensure a strong and stable connection.

  • Is your family member ready? Next, let’s be sure the member is online. We make it easy – just look for the phone. If it’s green, you should be ready to connect. If it’s not, try logging out and coming back into the app. That should do the trick. 

  • Is your connection ready? We use TokBox for our video calling. If it’s still not working, please test your connectivity with this tool:

Video/Audio Trouble

  • Can you see your family member but not hear? Can you hear but not see? Sometimes the connection between users gets stale and only half of the process works. But we can fix it. Try hanging up and dialing again.

  • Is the video choppy or out of sync? The trouble may be that you are connected to a network with limited bandwidth. We’ve thought about this!

    • If you have a weak network, try turning video off and using audio only on the call.

    • If you are on a strong network, try hanging up and calling again.

    • One of these options should fix most issues. If not, let us know and we’ll try to think of something else to help: