Call Won't Connect

The Family Room offers a lot of great content, which means we run best on Wi-Fi. If you are having trouble staying connected, please make your family connection over Wi-Fi.

My User Is Not Showing Up in My Family

  • Do you have the right Family Name? Double-check your sign-up email that saved your family name for you.  Go ahead and check – we’ll wait.  If your family name is correct, try this next solution…
  • Do you have the right invitation code? Again, take a look at your user sign-up email that sent you a unique invitation code. We want to make sure only your family users can enter your Room.
  • Still can’t get in? Please send us an email to and let’s see if we can help.

My User Cannot Log In

  • Do you have the right Family Name? Please verify that the user is in the right family. If so, you may need to add the person again.

  • Do you have the correct password? Look at the email we sent when you added your new family member. We sent you the password you picked, but we didn’t peek.

  • Still can’t get in? Um, we think the best solution is to reset the password: Enter the My Family section, select the user and follow the steps to edit the user's information. That should do it. If not, please send us an email to and let’s see if we can help.

General Connection Issues